9/3/16 Do Everything For God’s Glory & To Draw Others To Him

“As I said before, there is nothing I can’t do now that Jesus has freed me from my sins.  But not everything is good for me to do, and not everything will help to strengthen others in their faith.  We must look for ways to help and serve each other instead of always looking to serve ourselves.  So if you are buying meat in the market, don’t worry about where it has come from, and don’t ask about it so that your conscience will be clear.  Everything in this world belongs to God, and He has given it to us.  Likewise, if you are invited to dinner by one who is not a believer, and you accept the invitation, eat what is given to you without question, so that your conscience will be clear and your hosts will not be offended.  But if you are told up front that the food offered has been offered to idols, do not eat it.  Your conscience will be clear, and you will show your hosts that your faith is strong as a Christian.  In refusing to eat it, you may even be opening a door for your hosts to come to Jesus.  When you make a decision whether to partake or not, do so more in consideration of the other person’s conscience than your own, because you are indeed free in Jesus to do whatever the Spirit leads you to do.  Don’t let fear of judgment keep you from doing what you feel led to do, but at the same time, consider what your actions will do to others.  If you give thanks to God for the food you are eating, you are doing right in God’s eyes, so no one can condemn you for your actions.  But you may, in exercising the freedom given to you in Jesus, offend others or cause them to turn away from Jesus.  So in everything you do, or don’t do, do it for God’s glory.  Take care not to offend others by what you do, but remember to do everything for the good of others, keeping in mind that what you do may lead others either to or away from Jesus and salvation.  Try to follow my example, as I seek in all things to follow the example of Jesus.”


1 Corinthians 10:23-33, 11:1, Psalm 24:1


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