9/1/16 Learn From The Mistakes Of Our Ancestors

“We must remember this, and use this as an example of the danger of straying away from God and what He wants for us.  Satan is very cunning in his attempts to lure people away from God, and it is very easy to fall into his traps.  Some of the Israelites of old fell into the trap of lust, desiring things that were not good for them.  Some fell into the trap of idolatry, setting up things in the place of God, placing more importance on these things than on God.  Some fell into the trap of sexual immorality, and some were just constant complainers.  But no matter whether it was a great sin or a small sin, it drove them away from God, and ultimately it destroyed them.  We have a written record of all of this so that we may learn from their mistakes.  We must be careful not to become to cocky in our opinions of ourselves in relation to God, thinking that we are strong in our faith and nothing can shake us.  That is when we are most vulnerable to Satan’s attacks.  Temptations are everywhere, and everyone on earth falls prey to some kind of temptation at one time or another, no matter how strong your faith.  But take heart in this:  if you follow God’s leading in your life, He will not let the temptation be greater than what you can bear, and He will always provide an escape route so that you can flee from that temptation into His waiting arms.”


1 Corinthians 10:6-13


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