8/28/16 Paul Relinquishes His Right To Be Compensated For His Teaching Work

“In the Jewish Temple, the priests who are in charge of the offerings and sacrifices receive a portion of what has been offered or sacrificed, and any priest who works at the Temple receives a portion of the offerings as a means of payment for their services.  In this same way, Jesus tells us that those of His children who go out into the world to share His message and bring people to Him should be supported by the churches that they establish and build up.  But, though I know all of this, I have not asked for any of it for myself, and I am not writing now of these things because I want the churches to support me.  If I insisted on this right for myself, it could stand in the way of the purity of my message – people might believe that I am doing this work only because of the material things I stand to gain from it, and then I would not be able to take pride in the message that I teach – in Jesus, our Messiah, and His great love for us.  I do not take pride in my teaching of Jesus’ message, only in the message itself.  Because I have no choice but to spread His word wherever I go – it is what I have been commanded by my Messiah to do, and I can’t take pride in something I have no choice but to do.  If it was something that I myself chose to do, then I would be entitled to receive something for my work.  But I am like a servant who has been placed in charge of his Master’s affairs, and the work I do is that which my Master has commanded me to do.  Because of this, I do not believe that I am entitled to receive any compensation, other than the satisfaction of knowing that I willingly do the work my Messiah has called me to do, and in sacrificing that which I have the right to claim, I may preserve the purity of the message and nobody can accuse me of using that message for my own personal gain.”


1 Corinthians 9:13-18


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