8/26/16 Is The Worker Not Entitled To His Pay?

“When we apostles come into a community and deliver Jesus’ message to the people, and then spend several months (sometimes more) working with the new believers of that community, do we not have the right to room and board in exchange for our labors?  Do our wives and children not also have that right, if they are working alongside us, as is the case for Peter and Jesus’ brothers?  Perhaps Barnabas and I are the exception to this right, since many of you do not believe us to be apostles.  Do soldiers go into battle expecting to pay their own way to get through the war, or do they expect to be given food and tools for their survival in exchange for the work they do?  Or do farmers not get to partake of their own produce, or drink of the milk of their own cows and goats?”


1 Corinthians 9:4-7


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