8/23/16 Food Should Not Come Between Us & God

“There are many among us who come from a Jewish background, and feel that because God strictly forbids having anything to do with the worship of idols, including eating meat sacrificed to an idol, there is no way they could ever partake of such food, even in a social context.  And, conversely, there are many among us who come from a background of idol worship themselves, and are still struggling with the concept that these idols are not real.  To them, eating meat that has been sacrificed to an idol is shameful, for they see themselves as they were when they do so.  Or they see it as a step backwards, and are afraid that to partake of this meat, even in a social context, might cause them to slip away from their faith and go back to worshipping these false gods.  Either way, there is a weakness in their conscience that causes them to feel unclean before God in consenting to eat this meat.  We all know that there is nothing about food that can bring us any closer to or farther from God – we are no better or worse having eaten such meat, for food is only for the body.  But still, it is something that causes many among us to stumble in our faith.”


1 Corinthians 8:7-8


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