8/21/16 Let Your Children Marry If They Fall In Love & Stay Single If They Have The Will Power To Do So

“Parents, if you have a virgin daughter who has found a man that she loves, or a virgin son who has found a woman that he loves, and you believe that keeping them from marrying will cause them to give in to sexual temptation and sin, as long as they are both adults, you would do better to allow them to marry.  Use your best judgment in the matter, because either way, you are not sinning.  But a young man or woman who is faithful to God and has strong will power would be better off to remain single.  And the same for a widow.  Those who are married are tied together as one as long as they are both living.  But if one spouse dies, the other is free to either remain single or to remarry anyone they wish, as long as the union is one that God approves.  But if the widowed spouse is able to remain single without sinning, I believe he or she will be happier doing so, because they may in that capacity give all to serving Jesus.  I believe this advice to be consistent with the will of the Holy Spirit, though I have no actual commandment from God concerning this matter.”


1 Corinthians 7:36-40


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