8/20/16 Single People Are Free To Devote Themselves Fully To Serving God

“I want you to worry not about the things of the world, but only about Jesus and His desire for your lives.  Unmarried men can single-mindedly pursue God’s plan for them.  Married men are concerned with how to make their wives and children happy, and that takes the focus away from God.  Unmarried women are able to focus on God, and in so doing, keep their bodies and spirits as His Holy Temple.  Married women focus more on keeping their husbands satisfied and raising their children than about God’s will for their lives.  I don’t say this to hold you back, or to make you feel like you have no freedom.  I only want you to see that the most important part of life is to do God’s will, and being free from the responsibility of having a spouse and family will in turn give you the freedom to concentrate wholly on what God wants you to do.”


1 Corinthians 7:32-35


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