8/19/16 Life Is Short – Use It To Do God’s Will

“Remember, my brothers and sisters, that whether Jesus returns in our lifetime or not, life itself is short and is to be lived in complete devotion to the God who created, sustains, and saves you.  Remember, when Jesus was here, He taught us to live each day as if it were your last.  If you are married, therefore, you must be prepared to put God first, even if it means having to leave your spouse and family.  If you are troubled by your circumstances, focus of the hope you have in Jesus, and the knowledge that you are saved by His free gift and will spend eternity in Heaven with Him.  When you purchase something, do not hold on to it as if you own it, but treat it as an expendable commodity.  What good is it to hoard treasures here on earth that will only rust and fall apart eventually?  Jesus taught us that we must store up for ourselves treasures in Heaven, by doing those things that He calls us to do – not for ourselves, but for other people.  Even when something good happens to us and we take pleasure in it, temper that pleasure with the knowledge that anything that happens to us here is fleeting.  Do not find your joy in the things of the world, but in the Messiah who has rescued you from the world and its evil.  Use the things of this world, not to your advantage, but for building up the Kingdom of Heaven, and take care not to be enslaved by them.  Just as we, from the time of our birth, are on a path that leads to our death here on earth, so the world is ever moving toward its end.”


1 Corinthians 7:29-31


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