8/17/16 Use Your Situation To Shine The Light Of Jesus To The World

“I mentioned before that God has given some of us the gift of self-control in the area of sexual temptation, but not all of us have received this gift.  So therefore, you must determine your abilities and live accordingly.  This commandment is not just for you, though the sexually permissive lifestyle of the unbelieving Corinthians will make the temptation greater for you than for some other churches.  Remember that you were called to come to Jesus just as you were, so don’t try to change yourselves, but instead allow Jesus to make the changes He wants to make within your hearts.  So if you were uncircumcised when you came to Jesus, there is no need to become circumcised now.  This is only an outward, bodily sign of what is in your hearts, and now that you have the Holy Spirit living in your hearts, there is no need for this bodily sign.  What is important is to do what God calls you to do.  If you were a slave when you came to Jesus, don’t think that in order to be a proper Christian you need to get out of slavery.  It is the condition of your heart, not the situation of your body, that causes you to be a Christian.  If you are a Christian, instead of trying to get out of whatever situation you find yourself in, instead do the absolute best you can in that situation, shining the light of Jesus in all that you do.  Remember that whoever is called by Jesus while a slave in body is free in His spirit, and conversely, those who are free when they come to Jesus are His slaves.  Think of the price Jesus paid to free you from both enslavement to your sins and the penalty attached to those sins.  If you are to be enslaved, it is better that your only your body be enslaved to men, and your soul enslaved to Jesus.  But above all, do not use the fact of your Christianity as a reason to escape the situation that you are in, because God has put you there for a reason, which may very well be to draw others to Himself.”


1 Corinthians 7:17-24


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