8/15/16 Stay Single If You Can Control Yourself, Marry If You Can’t

“Now I wish to address those concerns about which you wrote to me.  If you are now unmarried or widowed, it is better for you to remain this way, because it is far easier for someone to follow where Jesus would lead you if you don’t have to think about what it means for your family.  But, since the temptation towards sexual sin is so great for those who are single, if you cannot control yourself in this regard, it is better for you to marry and remain faithful to your spouse until death parts you.  One wife to one husband, no polygamy, because this is how God created us to be joined together in marriage.  If you are married, give your spouse the affection he or she needs.  Husbands and wives belong to each other.  Their bodies and spirits are made one in the consummation of their marriage, and subsequently they do not have authority over their own bodies any longer, but the wife has authority over her husband’s body and the husband over his wife’s body.  For the purposes of deep fasting and prayer, it is alright for you to abstain from sexual relations for a little while.  But do not do so for any great length of time, nor for any slight reason, and resume sexual relations with each other shortly after, so that you will not be tempted into sexual sin or grow apart from one another.  If it were up to me, I would ask that everyone remain single, as I am, but I know that the ability to control myself in the area of sexual temptation is a gift from God that has not been given to all.  So, because I know this is too great a temptation for most people to resist, I concede that marriage is necessary.  After all, marriage is a gift from God in itself, and it is no sin to marry.”


1 Corinthians 7:1-9


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