8/14/16 Do Not Enslave Yourselves To Sin Through Sexual Immorality

“Because Jesus has freed me from enslavement by the Law of Moses, everything is lawful for me.  But not everything is good for me.  Though something may be lawful for me to do, it may end up enslaving me, and I refuse to be enslaved by anything after being set free in Jesus’ love.  In the Gentile world, people worship idols, committing sexual acts and sacrificing animals to these idols, then eating the meat of these sacrifices to show their devotion.  Meat has the same effect on the body whether it is sacrificed to an idol before being eaten or simply slaughtered and cooked in a normal manner for dinner.  But committing sexually immoral acts is very detrimental both to the body and the soul.  God made your bodies and they belong to Him.  Just as God raised Jesus from the dead, so He will also raise us from the dead when Jesus returns to the earth.  Remember, therefore, that your bodies are not your own, but they are parts of the body of Jesus.  Should I take parts of the body of Jesus and connect them with prostitution?  Because you know that when two people are joined in the act of sex they become one in body.  In the book of Genesis, God tells us, ‘the two shall become one flesh.’  And where the flesh goes, the spirit follows.  So as followers of Jesus, we are joined together with Him in body and in spirit.  As believers, we must run away from sexual immorality.  It is the only sin that is done to your own body, instead of only to someone else’s body.  If your body is the Temple and home of the Holy Spirit within you, sent to you by God to guide you home to Him, then your body is no longer your own, but God’s.  Jesus paid a high price to buy you back from death.  Honor that sacrifice in what you do with your body and your spirit, since they are really God’s body and spirit.”


1 Corinthians 6:12-20, Genesis 2:24


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