8/13/16 Stop Hurting Each Other

“We are called by God to a higher standard, because we have His Spirit inside of us, leading us in the way we should live.  You have failed in this calling by bringing lawsuits against your brothers and sisters.  It is better for you to just accept whatever has been done to you and forgive your brother or sister than to take them to court and sue them before the unbelievers.  And besides this, as brothers and sisters in Jesus, you should not be sinning against each other in the first place!  You are acting as if you are still unbelievers, lost in your sins.  Have you forgotten that those who do not believe in Jesus as their savior, who continue to live sinful lives, hurting others for their own profit, will never be admitted into the Kingdom of Heaven?  You are fooling only yourselves.  Nobody who purposely commits the sins rampant in the unbelieving community around you – sexual sins, setting up other people or things in a place of higher importance than God, stealing, envy, extortion, drunkenness, hatred – will ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Many of you were called out of this lifestyle when you came to Jesus, and at that time you were cleansed of these sins and made new by God’s Holy Spirit.  But it seems that many of you have reverted back to that lifestyle and have forgotten the heavy price that Jesus paid to save you from it.  Turn away once more and come back to Him!”


1 Corinthians 6:7-11


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