8/8/16 Follow My Example

“I am not writing this to you so that you will feel ashamed of what you are and how you have been acting.  I only wish to caution you, as your father in the faith.  You may have ten thousand Christian teachers in your lifetime, but it was I who first introduced you to Jesus and His message of salvation, and because of that, I am your only father in the faith.  Because of my love for you, I would have you do as I do.  I am sending Timothy to you for this purpose.  He is also my son in Jesus, and he will lovingly guide you in the way that you should live as Christians, in the same way that I teach all my children in the faith wherever I go.  I know that some of you are filled with pride and believing yourselves to be leaders.  You may be thinking that I will not be returning to you, but if it is God’s will, I will be returning to you very soon.  I do not stay away because I am afraid of facing you, but because I have not finished the work God has given me to do here.  When I return to you, I will put those of you who have pridefully set yourselves up as leaders to the test, to see where your power comes from.  Because if it is of God, it has nothing to do with you at all, but if you set yourselves up as leaders and believe yourselves powerful, you will fail.  Human power comes from eloquent and forceful speaking, God’s speaking brings with it real power.  So decide now whether you want me to come to you joyfully and embrace you lovingly as my brothers and sisters in Jesus, or needing to correct your misdeeds.”


1 Corinthians 4:14-21


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