8/4/16 Will Your Work Last Forever, Or Are You Wasting Your Time?

“God will test each person’s work by purifying it with fire.  Those whose building materials are able to withstand the flames are the ones who build with gold, silver, or precious stones.  But those who build with wood, hay, or straw will see their work burned in the flames.  I am mainly speaking here of those who teach spiritual truths.  If your teaching is true and honorable, done through the Holy Spirit in God’s will, it will stand the test of time.  If your teaching is motivated by your own heart, it will not last.  Consider the homes of the poor, built of whatever materials they can find and put together, usually thin wood or sticks, insulated with straw, with a thatched roof.  When the fires come they will consume these homes quickly, and there will be nothing but ashes left to show that a home used to be there.  But the rich build grand homes of stone and brick, inlaid with precious metals and stones.  A fire will be hard-pressed to be able to burn through a building like that.  And on the last day, God will bring His fire to consume that which is not meant to last and to purify that which will last forever, showing us all the quality of the work we have done in this life.  If the work is purified in the fire, the one who did the work will be rewarded for it.  For those whose work is burned in the flames, there will be no reward for what they have done, even though they themselves will still be saved, because of their faith in Jesus.  But it will be as though they were saved out of the flames, instead of seeing their work shine with the purifying flame and receiving a reward for what they have done.  Remember, my brothers and sisters, that you are God’s temple now, because His Holy Spirit lives within you.  You, His temple, are holy, because God is holy, and anyone to tries to pull you away from God or harm you in any way is trying to taint His temple, and God will not allow this to go unpunished.”


1 Corinthians 3:13-17


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