7/26/16 Paul Praises The Corinthian Church

Paul continues in the letter to the Corinthians, “Every day I thank God for you, for His grace given to you by Jesus, our Messiah, that you took to heart the message that was proclaimed to you about Him and through your faith you have received Heavenly wisdom and knowledge, and your lives have been enriched in every way.  Upon receiving the Holy Spirit when you were baptized, your faith was confirmed in you because you received spiritual gifts that were no less than those received by your brothers and sisters in Jerusalem.  Because of your faith, you are able to wait for the return of Jesus to earth, not impatiently or fearfully, but calmly and expectantly, eagerly expecting to see His face.  When He does return, He will once again affirm your faith and your faithfulness to Him and receive you to Him without any stain of sin upon you.  We know that God, who has called you to be His child through our Messiah, Jesus, His Son, always keeps His promises, and this is a great promise indeed!”


1 Corinthians 1:4-9


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