7/24/16 The Power Of The Name

Word spreads quickly of the incident with the Seven Sons Of Sceva and the possessed man.  The travelling exorcists, knowing that they will never be able to practice their trade anywhere near Ephesus again, slink quietly out of the city, nursing their wounds.  “That’s the last time we use those names!” one of them mutters as they go.  Jews and Gentiles alike begin to tell their friends and family in neighboring cities about what has happened, and a new reverence for the power of Jesus’ Name comes among them.  They have seen what happens to those who attempt to use His Name without faith in Him, and seeing the power it holds both draws more to faith in Him and creates a greater fear of Him.  In the following weeks, great crowds of people throng to Paul, confessing their sins and asking Paul how they can be saved.  Those who have been practicing sorcery abandon their craft, seeing it with new eyes.  Humbled, they make a great bonfire in the middle of the city and all who have given up sorcery bring their magic books and implements and burn them in front of the whole city.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of books and items used in the practice of sorcery are burned, and the former sorcerers turn from the practice, devoting their hearts and lives to Jesus.  God’s Word grows more and more revered throughout the city and in neighboring cities as well, and continues to draw more and more people to Jesus as their Messiah.


Acts 19:17-20


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