7/23/16 The Seven Sons Of Sceva

At the same time, a group of seven men are making their way to Ephesus.  They are Jews, but only in name.  They have no use for the Most High God, except for the money His Name might make for them.  Their number, seven, shows devout Jews that they are powerful and blessed by God, and this brings them more customers.  Their business?  They are travelling exorcists, going by the name of The Seven Sons Of Sceva.  Sceva is the name of a famous Jewish priest, and though the men are really of no relation to him, the name gives them greater authority.  Lately, they have heard many people referring to a man named Jesus as the Messiah, and speaking His Name with awe and reverence.  They have decided to incorporate this new powerful Name into their exorcisms, especially after reaching Ephesus and watching Paul in his work.  Coming upon a man who is clearly possessed by a powerful evil spirit, the seven men decide to put Paul’s name to good use as well.  Going into a nearby building for some privacy, just in case it doesn’t work, they grab hold of the possessed man and declare loudly, “We exorcise you by Jesus, whom Paul preaches!”  But to their horror, the spirit, speaking through the possessed man, says to them, “I know who Jesus is, and who Paul is, but who are you?”  Before the men have a chance to react, the possessed man jumps on top of them and begins to beat them.  All seven somehow manage to escape the building, but not without many wounds and missing articles of clothing.


Acts 19:13-16


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