7/22/16 Miracles Of Healing In Ephesus

During the time that Paul is in Ephesus, he finds more and more people seeking him out during the week while he is working as a tentmaker.  At first, they simply come to listen to him tell of Jesus as he works.  But soon, as many people come to believe in Jesus, their faith leads them to bring their sick friends to Paul for healing.  Eventually, it gets to the point where all they have to do is touch something that Paul has used, like a handkerchief or the apron he was wearing as he worked, and they are healed.  Others bring friends who have been possessed by evil spirits, and, again, simply touching something of Paul’s drives the spirits out.  Word quickly spreads throughout the city of the great miracles that Paul is able to perform, and the Name in which He performs them.  This leads many more people to believe in Jesus as the Messiah, and to be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit.  The new believers are welcomed into the fold, and the Ephesian church grows considerably.


Acts 19:11-12


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