7/21/16 Ephesus Is Paul’s New Base Of Operations

Paul decides to stay in Ephesus for three months, and sets up residence with one of the new Jewish believers.  He continues to ply his trade as a tentmaker during the week, but each Sabbath finds him in the synagogue, from early morning until late at night, teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven, debating with the people, and using the scriptures to try to persuade the Jews there that Jesus really is their Messiah.   But some of them grow more and more angry with him and what he is trying to do, believing that he has been sent by Satan to try to lead them away from God.  They begin to speak out against the Christians in the marketplace, proclaiming lies about the believers.  A man named Tyrannus, a physician by trade and a friend of Luke’s, hears what is going on and goes to speak with Paul.  “I have heard what has happened to you in other cities when the Jewish people have become incensed by your words.  I don’t want you to be in danger here.  Please, come and teach the people in my school,” he asks.  Paul accepts the man’s offer and begins to teach the new believers in Tyrannus’ school, where he remains for the next two years.  But during that time, he travels often, reaching out to the people in other cities in the whole area of Asia with Jesus’ message, Jews and Gentiles alike, and many more people believe in Him as their Messiah.


Acts 19:8-10


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