7/18/16 Paul Sets Out For Jerusalem

After the drama is over, Paul stays in Corinth a while longer.  After remaining in Corinth for about a year and a half, it is now Passover.  Paul, Silas, and Timothy celebrate the holiday together with the Corinthian church, and then Paul decides that the time is right to take a trip to Jerusalem.  Silas and Timothy decide to stay in Corinth for the time being, but Priscilla and Aquila accompany Paul on this journey.  After praying with the whole church for a safe journey, they set out for the port at Cenchrea.  Before boarding a ship bound for Ephesus, Paul shaves his head, having fulfilled a private vow taken before he arrived in Corinth.  When the ship arrives in Ephesus, Priscilla and Aquila begin to work with the Gentiles there, telling them of Jesus, while Paul spends some time in the synagogue teaching the Jews.  When a ship arrives at the port, bound for Caesarea, Paul tells Priscilla and Aquila and his new friends in the synagogue that he must depart.  But they don’t want him to leave.  “Please, stay with us a little longer!  We are learning so much from you,” they plead.  “I need to leave now, or I will miss the feast of Pentecost in Jerusalem,” Paul tells them.  “But if God is willing, I will come back to you soon.”  So they hold another meeting to pray for his safe passage, and Paul departs.  Upon landing in Caesarea, he goes to the church to see how everything is going, then continues on to Antioch, Galatia, and Phrygia.  At each city, he spends some time with the church there, telling them what has been happening in the rest of the churches he has helped to establish and encouraging them in their faith.


Acts 18:18-23


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