7/17/16 The Results Of Impartiality

While Paul, Silas, and Timothy are still teaching in Corinth, the Jews who do not believe Jesus’ message begin to plot against them.  They drag Paul, as the leader of the group, before the proconsul of the province of Achaia, a man named Gallio, and accuse him of trying to get people to worship God in a way that goes against the Law of Moses.  Paul is just about to open his mouth to defend himself when Gallio addresses the charge.  “If this was a matter of some crime being committed, or anything against the Roman law, I would listen to you and take it seriously.  But this is a matter of your own Jewish law, and only a difference of words and names.  I will not judge what does not fall under my prevue.  Work it out amongst yourselves.”  Gallio is known to be a very fair judge, and his words, though disappointing to the Jews, are not really surprising.  The guards in the hall escort the men out.  Returning home in a rage, they turn on Sosthenes, the leader of the synagogue, whom they suspect has turned on them and become a believer in Jesus as the Messiah.  They drag him back to the justice hall and beat him in front of Gallio, as if to say, “You told us to do this, now watch as we carry out your command.”  But Gallio stays out of the matter completely, knowing that if he says anything about it he will be taking sides in something that does not, and should not concern him as a Roman leader.


Acts 18:12-17


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