7/14/16 Another Letter For The Thessalonians

The scribe finishes transcribing the letter and rolls it up, then Paul applies his seal to it and sends for a messenger to carry it to Thessalonica.  Paul, Silas, and Timothy remain in Corinth for quite a while longer, working with the new believers there, and from time to time they receive reports on the Thessalonian church as well.  After a particularly favorable report, Paul feels that another letter is in order, praising their efforts.  So he, Silas, and Timothy again sit down with a scribe to dictate the words they want to convey to their brothers and sisters in Thessalonica.  “Paul, Silas, and Timothy send greetings and wishes of grace and peace from our Father God and our Messiah Jesus, His Son, to the church of the Thessalonians.  We feel that we must pay a debt of gratitude to God for you, our brothers and sisters, as we should, because we keep hearing reports of your rapidly growing faith in God and love for each other.  We have even used you as an example to the other believers we work with, because of your patience and steadfast faith in the midst of all of the trouble that has come to you.  Your perseverance of faith in the face of all these obstacles shows God’s favor toward you, and that through the faith and love you show in your suffering you are worthy of your place in the Kingdom of Heaven.  God will deal harshly with those who have been the cause of your suffering, and you will receive rest and peace with all our brothers and sisters in Jesus when He returns from Heaven with His angels.  He will not come as He did before, as a suffering servant of the people He came to save, but with fire and sword, avenging all those who reject Him and His Father.  On that day, the people who cause His children to suffer will be punished, removed forever from the presence of God, from whom all that is good comes.  But Jesus will be seen by His children in all His power and glory, loved by His own because of the message He gave us and that we believe.  In all our prayers, we ask that He would make His Name known and loved to all through you and continue to do His work in you, so that every day you would be more and more worthy of the great gift He has given to you, through His grace.”


2 Thessalonians 1:1-12


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