7/13/16 Guidelines & Closing

“We want to remind you to really get to know and appreciate those who have been set over the church, to organize and run the practical affairs of it, and to lead you in your journey of faith.  Listen to them and respect them, because they have been chosen for their deep faith and dedication to both the teaching of Jesus, and to you and the community you share with them.  Love one another and be at peace with each other.  When people begin to stray from what you all know is the will of God, warn those people, because they may not be able to see what is happening.  When someone is afraid, or weak in their faith, lacking the courage to do what they know is right, comfort them and stand strong with them, helping them to strengthen their faith and their hearts.  Be patient with each other, because each of you is in a different place in your journey of faith.  Make sure that nobody who has been wronged tries to get revenge, because God is the only one who can justly avenge anything.  Instead, try to always do what is best for yourselves and for everyone around you.  Live in the joy of knowing that you belong to Jesus.  Pray always, about everything, and give thanks in everything – whether the circumstances be good or bad – because this is God’s will for you in Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is working within you all, lighting a fire within your hearts and creating in you an excitement for God and His will.  Do not dampen that excitement, but give it full reign in your hearts, letting it energize you for the work God calls you to do in His Name.  If there are those among you with the gift of prophecy, listen to them and heed their words, because God is speaking to you through them.  But at the same time, test everything by the words of scripture to prove their truth, because Satan is also working to try to get you to stray from your faith.  Stay away from every kind of evil.  And now, may the God of peace purify your hearts, and through His Son, make all of you, spirit, soul, and body, perfect when He returns.  God, who calls you to His work, will give you all that you need in order to accomplish it.  He is always faithful and keeps all His promises.  My brothers and sisters, pray for us.  Greet each other with a kiss in Jesus’ Name.  Make sure that this letter is read to all the brothers and sisters.  We pray that the grace of our Lord, Jesus, our Messiah, would be with all of you.  Amen.”


1 Thessalonians 5:12-28


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