7/12/16 We Don’t Know When He Will Return, But We Will Be Ready!

“I don’t have to tell you about the day or the hour of Jesus’ return, my brothers and sisters, because you already know that He will come unexpectedly, like a thief that breaks into your home in the middle of the night.  When those who reject Him think they are living in relative peace and safety, that is when He will return, and it will be disastrous to them.  It is almost like when a woman is pregnant.  She does not know the exact day or time when the labor pains will begin, and so when they come, they come suddenly.  But you, my brothers and sisters, live in the light of His love, not in the darkness of unbelief, so when Jesus returns it should not be a great shock to you, but an expected and longed-for event.  Those who reject Jesus live in the constant darkness of a never-ending night.  But we who belong to Him live in daylight.  So do not sleep through life, unaware of the world around you.  Pay careful attention to the events of the world, and stay sober, showing Jesus that you are ready for Him to return at any time.  People get drunk and sleep at night.  But let us live as children of the light, staying sober, shielding our bodies with faith and love, protecting our heads with the hope of our salvation.  God chose us to be His own children and as such, through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus, is saving us from the destruction that will come upon the world and those who reject Him.  Jesus died for us so that whether we are alive or dead in the eyes of this world, we are always living together with Him.  So comfort each other with this teaching, and help build each other up, just as you have been doing already.”


1 Thessalonians 5:1-11


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