7/10/16 Use Your Body For Good, Not Evil

“We want to impress upon you the importance of following the guidelines and commandments we gave you, through the teaching of our Messiah Jesus, in how you should live your lives to please God.  Because God doesn’t just want to save us from the punishment for our sins.  He wants to cleanse our hearts so that the desire to sin is no longer in us, to mold us into the people that He created us to be.  Be sure to stay away from any kind of sexual impurity – God intended sex to be only between a husband and his wife.  You must learn to be in control of your own body so that you do not use it sinfully, but honorably, in accordance with God’s will.  Those Gentiles who do not know God give in to their lusts and passions easily, but we who seek to do God’s will know that this leads to all kinds of trouble.  You are all brothers and sisters in Jesus, and none of you should show such a disregard for his own brother or sister in this way.  Besides this, we have already taught you when we were with you that Jesus, when He returns, will avenge all those who have been wronged.  God has called us to be clean and pure, to grow to be more and more like Him, in whose image we have been created.  Whoever does not accept this teaching sins against God even more than against his brother or sister, especially since in accepting Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf means that the Holy Spirit now resides in your heart and guides you in all you say and do.”

1 Thessalonians 4:1-8


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