7/8/16 The Thessalonian Believers Are Like The Judean Believers

“Because of all of this, we give thanks to God all the time in our prayers for you, since when we brought His word to you, you believed it as His truth and not just men’s words.  When you believe, this truth works in your hearts, bringing you closer to God.  You are just like the churches in Judea in your conduct and in your faith, and you have suffered from your own people just as the Judean churches have suffered from the Judean non-believers, who have a long history of torturing and killing those God sends to them, including Jesus Himself!  These non-believers have caused much suffering for all the believers of Judea – living their lives to please only themselves and not God, telling us that the Gentiles are not worthy of God’s love, seeming to be working toward increasing the sinfulness of everyone they meet, in order to drive people away from God’s love.  But God’s anger is on them, because of the suffering that they have inflicted both upon His own Son and upon all who love Him.  Now that we have been away from you in body (though never in spirit) for a while, we have been trying to return to you, because we have missed you terribly.  But Satan keeps standing in our way, knowing that our joy comes in being able to give you, and other believers like you, to Jesus, upon His return.  That is our greatest hope and joy, and the crown upon our heads.”


1 Thessalonians 2:13-20


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