6/30/16 Bereans Welcome Jesus

That night, Jason and the other new believers gather at his home and pray for Paul, Silas, and Timothy.  It is decided that Paul and Silas will leave secretly, immediately, and go to the city of Berea, just south of Thessalonica.  Timothy, being younger and not as well known in Thessalonica, will remain with the new believers to help them establish their church, and Paul and Silas will summon him when they are ready for him to rejoin them.  So Paul and Silas travel on to Berea, and, as the next day is the Sabbath, they go into the synagogue and begin to teach the Bereans about Jesus.  They find a much more welcome reception there, and the Jews as well as many of the Gentiles are eager to hear the message.  For several Sabbaths, Paul and Silas speak, and the Jews scour the scriptures to determine the truth of what they are hearing.  When they discover that every word spoken to them is supported by the descriptions their own scriptures give of who the Messiah is, they are overjoyed.  They gather by the water to pray to receive the Holy Spirit and to be baptized, along with a large group of Gentiles.  Soon after that, Timothy rejoins them, and they begin again to build another new church.  But when word of this reaches the Thessalonican Jews, they come to Berea to try to put a stop to it.  The new believers immediately send Paul away, telling him to go to the seaport and get on a boat, any boat going away from the area.  Silas and Timothy stay to help build the church as Paul sails to Athens with a small contingent of the new Berean believers.  When they arrive in Athens, the Bereans prepare to return to their city, and Paul asks them to send Silas and Timothy to him in Athens as quickly as possible.  He is alone in the city for the first time in many years, and he misses the company of his brothers.


Acts 17:10-15


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