6/28/16 The New Thessalonican Believers

It is now the Sabbath day, and after spending a few days acquainting themselves with the city, Paul, Silas, and Timothy are ready to go into the synagogue and teach the Jewish people about Jesus.  Paul teaches for three Sabbaths in a row, explaining all about how the scriptures point to Jesus as their Messiah, and why He had to suffer and die, and then come back to life again.  The fact that the Jews allow Paul three Sabbaths in a row in which to teach them is very promising.  Paul’s wounds are all but forgotten as he passionately cites scripture after scripture to support his teaching.  But in the end, there are only a few Jews who believe.  Paul, Silas, and Timothy pray with them and baptize them, rejoicing for each one of them, even if they are few in number.  Then, just as he did in the other cities he brought Jesus’ message to, Paul turns to the Gentiles.  The Jews who have turned to Jesus for their salvation join them and listen attentively as Paul once again explains who Jesus is and why He is the only one who can give them forgiveness for their sins and eternal life in Heaven.  There is a diverse mix of people listening to his words – some Greeks who have converted to Judaism, some who have been worshipping idols, and a very large group of influential women of the city.  Some of these had also converted to Judaism, and now see the truth Paul teaches about Jesus as the Messiah prophesied all throughout the scriptures.  The whole group prays together to receive the Holy Spirit and everyone is baptized.  That evening, they hold a celebration in honor of all the new believers.


Acts 17:2-4


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