6/14/16 Jesus Died To Bring Me Life…Not Circumcision



I think now you may notice a change in the handwriting and the size of the letters used.  I have taken over for my scribe so that I may write this last portion of my letter to you in my own hand.  And I am writing with very large letters so that I may emphasize the importance of these final words.  Those Jewish Christians among you who are trying to compel you to become circumcised are only doing this so that they can show other Jews their influence over you, and that they are still following the Law even in following Jesus.  In doing so, they hope to escape the wrath of the Jews that has fallen upon many of us who believe in Jesus.  These men do not even keep the whole Law themselves, though they are circumcised.  They only want to circumcise you to take the eyes of the disapproving Jews off of themselves, and so that they may brag about their high standing in the Christian community.  Their motives are hypocritical and shallow.  But as for me, God forbid that I should brag about anything besides Jesus’ crucifixion for my sins, because it is only through this that I am saved.  Though to the Jews, the whole idea of crucifixion is abhorrent and shameful, it is glorious to me.  Because my Savior was crucified, I now have life forever with Him in Heaven!  The things this world holds dear are nothing to me, because they are only temporary.  But the things of Heaven last forever, and they are my focus.  What does it matter, for those who have been made new through Jesus’ death on their behalf, if they are circumcised or uncircumcised?  And so, to all those who abide in this truth, to the true children of Abraham, I pray that God’s peace and mercy rest upon you.  I will bear no more attacks upon my authority, because the scars on my body are like the branding irons used on temple slaves – they show my dedication to my Lord and my God, and they are my credentials to teach His Word.  My brothers and sisters, may the grace of Jesus, our Messiah, be upon you.  Amen.


Galatians 6:11-18


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