6/13/16 Do Good Whenever You Can

May the student share what he has with the teacher, because the teacher is giving him riches of wisdom and knowledge and love, and asking no monetary payment in return.  Remember, God sees everything.  Whatever you do on this earth is like planting seeds.  If you plant good seeds, you will harvest good crops.  But if you plant bad seeds, you will harvest only weeds.  So if you plant only what makes you happy in your carnal self, that is the harvest you will reap, and it will not last, because nothing born of ourselves will last.  But if you plant through the Holy Spirit what is pleasing to God, your harvest will be riches of rewards in God’s Kingdom, and those will last forever.  Don’t get tired of doing what is right.  God will reward us for every good deed done in His Name when the time is right.  Focus on working for God alone, not for anything you might gain on this earth.  So do good deeds whenever you have the opportunity, especially for our brothers and sisters in Jesus.


Galatians 6:6-10


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