6/12/16 The Responsibility Is Mine Alone

My brothers and sisters, if you catch one among you in some wrongdoing, I beg you to correct him gently, not to punish him, and not in a spirit of resentment, but in order to help him mend what is broken in him, so that he may be restored to a member in good standing of the community.  Do this because you are living by the Holy Spirit, but you are also prone to be tempted into doing wrong at any time.  Remember that you always have the option of whether to follow or to ignore the leading of the Holy Spirit, and Satan knows this.  He will not give up trying to tempt you away from your faith.  Jesus told us to love one another.  If you stand with your brothers and sisters in their time of need and offer sympathy and help in love, you will be fulfilling His commandment.  If anyone thinks he is better than anyone else, he is only deceiving himself.  But judge your works by God’s standards, and you will gain a true estimate of their worth.  Then you will not be jealous of others, nor will you judge yourself better than others.  Then you can lament or rejoice in your work in honesty, instead of in comparison to what others are doing.  Because when we stand before God at the last day, each of us will be held accountable for his own life, the good and the bad, and we will not be able to pass the blame for the bad onto anyone or anything but ourselves.


Galatians 6:1-5


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