6/11/16 Through Jesus & The Holy Spirit, We Are Made New

So I tell you, brothers and sisters, live by the leading of the Holy Spirit.  If you do, you won’t be swept along by the trends and traditions of the world.  Because we are human, and in and of ourselves, we are apt to do the opposite of what we strive for.  Even if we really want to keep the Law, by ourselves we have nothing and no one to help us to do this, and we will fail.  The Holy Spirit wants only what is truly good, and will lead us away from the evil desires we hold in our hearts if we follow His leading.  If we follow His leading, we no longer need to work toward keeping the Law, because the Holy Spirit will guide us to do what God wants for us.  Here are some of the results of trying to keep the Law without the help of the Holy Spirit:  sexual sins against God and other people, setting up things or people in our lives as more important than God (idolatry), practicing superstitions or witchcraft, criminal behavior against other people, jealousy, acting out in anger, setting up selfish or prideful goals for ourselves, picking fights or arguments with others, lying, murdering, slandering or gossiping maliciously, drunkenness or other addictions, and a wild or lustful lifestyle.  But living by the leading of the Holy Spirit leads to love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  There is certainly no law against any of those!  When we become followers of Jesus, our old selves are crucified with Him, and we are made new through the Holy Spirit.  So if we are born anew of the Holy Spirit, we must then live by Him, letting Him guide us in everything we think and feel, do and say.  We must be on guard against becoming prideful, picking fights with one another, or becoming jealous of others.


Galatians 5:16-26


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