6/10/16 Circumcision vs. Crucifixion

My brothers and sisters, some have asserted that I still stress the importance of being circumcised, and they are calling me a hypocrite.  But if I was still advocating circumcision, why would I be denounced now for preaching against it?  Circumcision is as central to the Jewish faith as the cross of Jesus is to Christianity.  To the Jews, the cross is offensive, because it opposes circumcision.  So if I still preach the need for circumcision, then I negate the cross of Jesus and Christianity itself, and in so doing remove any opposition to my own work.  I wish that all those who are trying to kill your faith would themselves be cut off from communion with God, just as they are trying to do to you.  Because you, my brothers and sisters, have been called by God to be free, and to live in freedom.  You must, however be careful not to use your freedom as an opportunity to sin.  Instead, use it to love one another and do good works to bring God glory and honor and to build each other up.  Because even the Law itself can be boiled down to this – to love your neighbors in the same way that you love yourself.  But if you fight amongst yourselves, you will eventually end up destroying each other and your whole community of faith.


Galatians 5:11-15, Leviticus 19:18


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