6/4/16 What Is The Point Of The Law?

“So if everything good comes through faith, believing the promise that God made to Abraham, which is being fulfilled through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, why even bother to have the Law?  Because we are human, sinful, and living in a world broken through sin.  The Law was given to show us how far we have fallen from the perfection that God requires of us, and which Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden until they sinned.  It was given to be a guide to us, showing us exactly what God requires of us in order to have a part in the inheritance Jesus came to fulfill.  It was given to shine a light on how impossible it is for us to attain that perfection on our own; that we cannot be saved through the Law but only through a mediator who can keep all the Law perfectly for us, and is willing to take on the penalty for each time we break the Law.  Although the Law was given to us by God, through His angels, and has a very real purpose, its rule over us was only supposed to be temporary, until the One came who was able to fulfill everything required and open the door for us to receive the inheritance promised to the ‘Seed of Abraham,’ Jesus, our Messiah.  When we put our faith in Him, we become His brothers and sisters through adoption, and when God looks at us, He sees His perfect Son instead of our imperfect sinfulness.  This is what grants us the right to have a part in the blessings, the inheritance promised to Abraham’s Seed.  The Law was given by God to us as a contract, mediated by His angels.  But the promise was given as one party to another, without any mediator.  It is not a contract, simply God’s infallible Word given to one fallible human.  Then, is the Law against God’s promises?  No!  Because if there was ever a Law given that could have saved us, and given us the Life that we are given through faith in Jesus, this Law would have done that.  Through the Scripture, we are all trapped under the weight of our sin, but only until such time as we put our faith in Jesus’ death on the cross in our place, saving us from the death sentence our sin carries for us.  Before Jesus came, everyone in the world was trapped under that weight of sin, waiting for the Savior to come and rescue them.  It was like a prison, closely guarded by the Scriptures, where all the condemned waited in hopes of being pardoned.  Those who waited in faith were rewarded for it when Jesus came and died for all.  So the Law was like our teacher, leading us to Jesus.  When He came and we put our trust in Him to save us, we graduated from the Law to Faith.  Through our faith in Jesus, we are all children and heirs of God.  It is as if when we are baptized, we put on a Jesus disguise.  There is no more distinction between us – no Jew or Gentile, no male or female, no slave or master.  In Jesus, we are all equal.  If that is true of you, if God now looks at you and sees Jesus, then you are part of Abraham’s Seed, and able to inherit the promise God made to Him.


Galatians 3:19-29


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