5/28/16 James’ Last Words Of Encouragement To The Scattered Believers


If you are suffering now, take comfort in knowing that God will hear your prayers and give your soul peace.  If you are joyful, sing out your joy so that it might be contagious to others.  If there is any among you who is sick, let the elders of the church know.  They will come and anoint those who are sick and pray over them in Jesus’ Name.  God always hears and answers the prayers of the faithful, and if it is His will, He will heal the sick.  Whoever is sick and has sinned, call on Jesus and ask for forgiveness, with a repentant heart and believing that He will forgive, just as He has promised.  Confide in those close to you about your sins, and pray for each other.  Empty your souls of the weight of your sins, so that God might heal you.  If you are right with God, regularly confessing and repenting of your sins, and asking forgiveness, your heartfelt prayers have great power.  Remember Elijah, who was a man just as we are, and even worse off than we are, because he did not know Jesus.  But he prayed from deep within his heart for God to not let it rain on Israel, and God withheld the rain for three and a half years.  And when he prayed for the rain to begin again, God opened the skies and the rain fell, making the ground fertile again.  Please remember, my brothers and sisters, there may be times when some among you fall back into their old sinful ways of living.  Temptations around us are great, and Satan will not give up pursuing us, trying to lure us away from our salvation.  If you see any of your brothers or sisters falling away, try your best to bring them back to their faith.  Because if you succeed, you will be assisting Jesus in saving them from their sins and from eternal death.


James 5:13-20


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