5/20/16 Live Out Your Faith, Or Your Faith Cannot Remain Alive

You claim that you have faith in Jesus’ assertion that He has saved you by His death and resurrection because you placed your trust in Him.  If you say you have faith, but do nothing to live it out, your faith is dead!  If someone you love is homeless, without food or clothing, and you say to him, ‘Go and be filled with good food and clothed in warm clothing,’ but you do nothing to make these things come about, what good are you to your loved one?  In this same way, faith alone, without deeds to show it, is dead.  Faith must come first, absolutely, and without it you are dead in your sins, for forgiveness is found only in trusting Jesus to save you from them.  But how can you show your faith without doing good deeds because of it?  You must show your faith through your good deeds.  You say that you believe in God, the Father of the universe, and His only Son, Jesus, as our Messiah.  That is a good start, but even Satan and his demons believe this, and tremble in fear of it.  You must live out your faith, or your faith will grow cold.  Abraham acted in faith when he was prepared to offer his only son, Isaac, as a sacrifice to God.  His faith in God led him to unquestioningly do what was asked of him.  That is faith and good deeds working in harmony together.  Because he acted, his faith was confirmed.  The scripture says, ‘Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.’  Abraham was known as a friend of God.  So you are justified first by your faith, but then by faith and deeds working together.  In the same way, Rahab the prostitute was showing her faith through her actions when she hid the Hebrew spies and helped them escape.  Just as your body cannot live without your spirit, your faith cannot live without being acted out in your deeds.


James 2:14-26, Genesis 15:16


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