4/11/16 The Power Of The Holy Spirit

One day, Peter and John are on their way into the Temple for 3:00 prayers when they see a man being carried to the Beautiful Gate.  The man is unable to walk, and has been since he was born, and so every day his friends carry him to the gate so that he can hear what’s going on in the Temple, ask for prayers, and beg from the people coming and going.  The man sees Peter and John and asks, “My friends, can you spare some money for a poor lame man?”  Peter and John stop and look into the man’s eyes, as if they are searching his soul.  The scrutiny is making the man a bit uncomfortable, and he looks away.  But Peter says, “Let us see your eyes!” and the man turns back to them, hoping that they will give him some money.  His face falls when he hears Peter say, “We have no silver or gold.”  But at his next words, the man’s mouth falls open in astonishment.  Peter says, “But what I have I will give you.  In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, our Messiah, stand up and walk!”  The man looks from Peter to John, wondering what kind of trick they are trying to play.  But suddenly, he feels a strange tingling in his legs.  It almost feels as though they are healing themselves, but that’s not possible.  Peter grabs the man’s right hand and pulls him to his feet.  As the man straightens, he realizes that his legs are healed and strong enough to support him for the first time ever.  He jumps in his excitement and begins to walk around in circles, picking up speed until he is running and leaping across the Temple courtyard.  He shouts his praises to God as he goes, elated at his healing.  The people in the courtyard stare in awe, recognizing him as the man who has never been able to walk, who has been carried to his begging spot by the Beautiful Gate every day.  The man runs back to Peter and John and embraces them, thanking them profusely, as the crowd rushes over to Solomon’s Colonnade to see what is happening.


Acts 3:1-11


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