4/10/16 The Church Begins

Peter continues preaching all day long, and crowds of people keep coming to hear his words.  He encourages them to turn away from their sins, set themselves apart from the wickedness of the world, and come to Jesus to be saved from their sins.  Somewhere around 3,000 people are baptized into the family of Jesus the Messiah that day, and the church begins to grow.  The apostles begin to teach all the new believers, who sit eagerly soaking in their words.  They come together regularly to learn, to eat meals together, to pray, and to share their burdens.  They become a tightly-knit community.  The apostles, filled with the Holy Spirit, pick up where Jesus left off, healing the sick, casting demons out of possessed people, and doing many other miracles.  The community of believers share everything they have among themselves, selling what they don’t need in order to contribute money to help others.  Daily, they grow in their faith, worshipping and praising God as they go about their prayers and activities.  And, daily, more and more people are added to their community as more people hear the apostles’ message and turn to Jesus for forgiveness of their sins.


Acts 2:40-47


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