4/2/16 Seeing Is Believing, Or Believing Is Seeing?

Thomas, the apostle nicknamed “the Twin,” is not present with the rest of them when Jesus appears in the room.  When he comes back, Jesus has already gone.  The other men tell him excitedly about what has just happened, but he doesn’t believe them.  “We saw Him, Thomas!  We really did, and not a ghost or a vision, but really Him!”  “I can’t believe that.  It’s too good to be true.  You all want Him to be here so badly that you are hallucinating.  Until I can see Him for myself, touch the places where the nails went through His hands and feet, and where the spear was thrust into His side, I will not believe it.  It’s just too big a risk.  Why should I get my hopes up just to have them dashed to pieces when it is proved to be your imagination at work?”  Thomas stubbornly sticks to his unbelief all through the following week.  The rest of the apostles would like to leave for Galilee, but Thomas will not go until the Passover celebration is over and most of the pilgrims have already left the city.  So, they are all still at the same house eight days after this conversation when Jesus appears in the room with them once more.  This time, Thomas is there and sees Him.  He looks back at the locked door, then to Jesus.  “Peace to all of you!” Jesus says again.  Turning to Thomas, He says, “Why do you doubt the word of your brothers?  Touch My wounds, see that I AM real, take back your faith and believe!”  Thomas drops to his knees and exclaims, “My Lord and My God!”  Jesus nods, as if saying, “Now we’ve got that taken care of…”  Taking Thomas’ hand and helping him to his feet, Jesus says to him, “You believe now only because you have seen Me with your own eyes.  But the people who believe in Me without needing physical evidence are the ones who are truly blessed.”


John 20:24-29


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