4/1/16 Is He Real? Or Is He An April Fools Day Joke?

As Cleopas finishes telling the story, suddenly Jesus is there with them, in the room.  He just appears out of nowhere, saying, “Peace to all of you!”  Most of the men, believing He is a ghost, jump back in fear.  He didn’t use the door to come in, He was just suddenly there.  He grins at them and asks, “Why are you scared?  Why do you doubt your senses?  Come, look at Me, touch Me, see that I AM real and I AM Myself.  I have a body, do I not?  Do ghosts have bodies?  So, you can see for yourselves I AM not a ghost.”  Jesus holds up His hands, then shows them His feet, as they stand there in shock.  “No?  Still need more convincing?  I’m hungry.  What do you have to eat?”  Someone hands Him a piece of the fish they have just broiled for their supper, and they watch in awe as He devours it.  The icy fear around their hearts begins to melt into a feeling of warmth and pure joy.  How can this be?  They saw Him die.  They saw Him placed in the tomb.  And yet, here He is, eating fish beside them.  He looks at them all for a moment, then speaks again.  “Peace to all of you.  You know that I was sent here by My Father.  Now I, in turn, will send you out to bring My message to the world.”  He breathes on them.  They stand completely still, not sure what He is doing, and still a little uncomfortable.  “You will receive the Holy Spirit, and My power.  If you forgive anyone’s sins here on earth, they will be forgiven in Heaven, and if you do not forgive here, they will not be forgiven in Heaven.”


Mark 16:14, Luke 24:36-43, John 20:19-23


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