3/29/16 It’s True, We Saw Him Too!

Mary Magdalene arrives shortly after the other women, for she has run the entire way.  The women have just finished telling the apostles what happened when she bursts through the door, crying, “I have seen our Messiah!  He is alive!  He gave me a message to tell you, ‘I AM going up to My Father and your Father, to My God and Your God.’”  The apostles stare at her in shock, then look back to the other women.  Their eyes are red and swollen, and their faces are stained with tears.  They have been mourning Jesus’ death all night long.  But now – no, it can’t be.  Why would Jesus come to a woman before His own apostles?  How could their stories be true?  It doesn’t make any sense.  Peter and John look at each other, then both run from the room, hurrying to the tomb to see for themselves.  John arrives first, peers inside, and sees the linen cloth that Jesus’ body was wrapped in before He was placed in the tomb.  Apart from this, the tomb is empty, just as the women described.  Peter comes panting up behind John and runs right inside.  He stands in the tomb and looks around, seeing only the linen cloth.  He notices that the piece of linen that had been covering Jesus’ head is folded neatly and lying on a small rock a separate from the rest of the cloth.  “John, come see this,” Peter says, and John joins him inside the tomb.  They look at each other and, though they still don’t understand, they begin to believe.  They remember how Jesus told them of the prophecies saying that He would come back to life after He was killed.  Shaking their heads, they turn and start to go back home.  On their way, they see a Man coming to them.  They stop and look again.  It is Jesus!  They run to Him, falling down at His feet to worship Him.  Jesus says, “Don’t be scared.  It’s Me.  Now, go and tell the rest of My brothers to start right away for Galilee.  I will meet you all there.”


Matthew 28:9-10, Mark 16:10-11, 18b; Luke 24:11-12, John 20:3-10


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