3/18/16 Jesus’ Prayer For The Completion Of His Work

Jesus stops, looks up to Heaven, and cries out, “Father, I know that My time has come.  Please, help Me to do what must be done so that I may show the world Your glory.  You sent Me here with a mission, and gave Me everything I needed in order to complete it in Your Name.  I have the power to save everyone who will come to Me to be saved, and to give them all eternal life in Heaven.  This eternal life is found only in knowing and loving You, the only True God, and Me, Jesus, the Messiah, whom You sent into the world to save it.  My mission is now complete, and in doing this I will show the world Your glory.  So I pray now that You will give Me the strength to do what must be done, and that I may return to You, and return to Who I have been in You since before the beginning of Time.  You have taken these men who are with Me now and given them to Me, that I may make You known to them.  They have honored You, Your words, and Your commands that I have given them.  I have told them all that you gave Me to tell them, and they know and believe what I have told them, that You have sent Me into the world as Your Son, and given Me Your power to do all things.”


John 17:1-8


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