3/17/16 Mourning And Joy, Trials And Victory

“Very soon, I must depart from you and you won’t see Me anymore.  But soon after that, you will see Me again.”  Jesus’ apostles are confused.  In the darkness, whispers reach Jesus’ ears, “What does that mean – we won’t see Him and then we will see Him?  I don’t get it.”  They continue walking away from Jerusalem as Jesus responds to them, “You are wondering what I mean by saying, ‘soon you won’t see Me, and then soon after you will see Me again.’  I must leave you in just a little while, and you will mourn for Me while the rest of the world celebrates.  But later on, you will be the ones celebrating, because I will return to you.  The Holy Spirit and I are one, just as the Father and I are one.  When the Holy Spirit comes to you, it will be as if I AM living within your hearts.  Think of a woman in labor – she cries out in pain until her baby is born, then she celebrates the birth and forgets about the pain.  It will be this way with you.  You will mourn for a little while, but then the Holy Spirit will come to you and you will have a joy so complete that it will never leave you.  Now, you are used to asking Me your questions and making requests of Me.  When that time comes, you will instead ask My Father in My Name, and whatever you ask in My Name will be granted to you, confirming the joy in your hearts.  I speak to you in parables now, but soon I will speak plainly.  When that time comes, you will pray to My Father in My Name.  He will hear you and grant your requests because the Holy Spirit will be in your hearts, so when My Father looks at you He will see Me.  Because you believe in Me and that God has sent Me to you, and is about to call Me back to Himself, because you love Me and keep My commandments, My Father also loves you.”  The apostles are glad to hear Jesus speak in a way that they can understand, for once.  “Thank you, Rabbi, for explaining this clearly to us.  Now we can understand that You came here from God and God has given all things to You, and we don’t have to ask questions anymore.”  Jesus nods and says, “You believe Me now?  Good.  Because the time has come for all these things to begin to take place.  Very soon you will all leave Me, and I will be alone except for My Father, who is still with Me.  I have told you all these things that are to come so that you will have peace in your hearts when they happen.  Once I leave you to go to My Father, you will have a lot of trouble from the world in which you live, but don’t lose hope.  Remember, I have taken on the world and I AM victorious over it!”


John 16:16-33


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