3/15/16 Darkness Hates Light, But Light Is Stronger Than Darkness

As they walk, Jesus continues, “The people of this world are full of sin.  They live for themselves.  They love the darkness, and they hide from the light.  But I have called you to come out of the world and live in the light, and so the people living in the darkness will hate you for it.  Just remember that when they hate you, they are really hating Me.  If you had not come to Me, if your hearts had not been changed, you would still be living as they are, and they would accept you as their own.  They will try to hurt you because of Me, because, as I have told you before, the servant is not greater than his master.  They have turned away from Me and will not listen to Me, and they will do the same to you, because they, like Adam and Eve, are trying to hide from God.  If they didn’t know about Me, if they’d never seen Me or heard Me speak to them, then they would not be held responsible for their actions.  But since they have seen and heard Me, they will be held accountable for all of their sin, because whoever is against Me is also against My Father.  Even after seeing all My miracles, things that nobody else has ever done, they still choose not to believe.  This fulfills another prophecy that says, ‘They hated Me without cause.’  But you know Me, and will know Me even better when I send the Holy Spirit to you to be your helper and guide.  He will put My words of Truth in your hearts, and you must spread My words far and wide so that all will know that I AM here to save them.  You are about to enter a time of great trials – people will do terrible things to you because you belong to Me, even try to kill you, and they will think they are doing it in the Name of My Father!  They think they know God, but because they have not known Me, they cannot know My Father either.  But I AM telling you what is to come now so that when these things happen you will be strong in your faith instead of weakened by your circumstances.  Remember My words when these things begin to happen.  I didn’t tell you earlier because I was still with you, but now My time with you is growing short.”


John 15:18-16:4


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