3/10/16 Who Is The Greatest…Again?

Towards the end of the meal, the apostles begin to talk amongst themselves in small groups, and Jesus listens as a few of them launch once again into a discussion of who is the greatest among them.  He says to them, “Do you not remember what I told you about this before?  Listen, the people of the world have their kings and rulers of every sort.  They are known far and wide as great men, who take good care of their people.  And yet they do not serve their people; their people serve them.  This is not to be the case with you.  If you wish to be great, you must be a servant, like I have shown you tonight by washing your feet.  In the eyes of this world, is the servant or the master greatest?  The master, of course!  But watch and do what I do, I have come here to serve you, though I AM your master.  Likewise, you must serve others, and the greatest among you must be the most humble servant.  Because you have been with Me through all of My ministry here and have done all that I have asked of you, you will be given a kingdom to rule in Heaven alongside Me.  You will sit at the table and dine with Me, and sit in thrones with Me to judge the twelve tribes of Israel.


Luke 22:24-30


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