3/9/16 The Last Supper

The apostles can’t believe what they are hearing.  One of them?  Betray Jesus?  How could He even think such a thing?  They look at each other, wondering who Jesus is talking about, because clearly, He knows who it will be.  Suddenly, they can’t bear it any longer.  They all begin to ask Him, “Is it I?  Who will betray You?”  Jesus calmly continues eating as He says to them, “The Son of Man came to this world for this purpose – to die for all of you.  It was prophesied in the scriptures long ago.  But for the man who betrays Me, it would be better if he had never been born.”  Jesus looks around at each face, then dips His bread in the sauce at the same time as Judas does the same.  “The one who dips His bread with Me,” He tells them.  “I am the one, Rabbi?” Judas asks quietly.  Jesus looks at Him and says, “You said it.  Now, hurry, go and do what you must.”  Judas, eyes downcast, rises from the table and leaves quickly.  Jesus picks up a loaf of bread and thanks God for it.  He breaks it into pieces and gives it to His remaining apostles, saying, “I have been very much looking forward to eating this meal with you, because this is the last meal I will eat with you before my time of suffering begins and everything is fulfilled.”  He passes the bread out among all the remaining apostles and tells them, “This bread is like My body – it has been broken for you.  Whenever you break bread among yourselves, do it in remembrance of Me.”  When they have all finished eating, Jesus pours wine for everyone, saying, “I will not drink wine again until I do so with you in the Kingdom of Heaven.  This wine is like My blood, which is about to be poured out for you to signify the new covenant I will make with you.  Whenever you partake of the fruit of the vine, do so in remembrance of Me.”


Matthew 26:20-29, Mark 14:17-25, Luke 22:14-23, John 13:21-30


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