3/7/16 Ask Forgiveness Daily

Jesus leads His apostles into the city of Jerusalem and to the house where Peter and John have now prepared the Passover feast.  The thirteen of them file into the upstairs room together and recline around the table.  Jesus is deep in thought, reflecting on His ministry and the deep love He has for His apostles.  In His heart, He prays, “Father, I have loved the ones You gave Me to the end.  I know that it is time for Me to return to You.”  He looks around as His apostles, all eyes on Him, waiting for Him to speak to them to begin the feast.  With the exception of Judas, none of them has any idea what is about to happen, or how soon it will come.  Jesus rises from the table, takes off His outer robe, and ties a towel around His waist.  The apostles are confused – what is He doing?  He fills a large bowl with water and begins to wash His apostles’ feet, one by one.  They are stunned into silence, for this is something that not even a Jewish slave would do for his master, and here is their Master doing this degrading task for each of them.  When Jesus gets to Peter, he says, “No, Rabbi!  You cannot wash my feet!”  But Jesus tells him, “I know you don’t understand now, but you will soon.  If I don’t do this, you can’t be Mine any longer.”  Peter, always eager to be closer to Jesus, exclaims, “Then wash all of me, not just my feet!”  Jesus smiles and says, “You have been cleansed of your sins, as your body is cleansed when you bathe.  But the daily sins that you may even be unaware of have a way of creeping in, as the filth of the road covers your sandaled feet.  So only your feet need to be cleansed anew.  But you are not all completely clean.”  Jesus adds this last part to let Judas know that He will not be caught unaware.

John 13:1-11


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