3/3/16 Separation of Church and State

Jesus sits there on the Mount of Olives and looks at His surroundings.  He can see the Valley of Jehoshephat below, known to the Jews as the Valley of Judgment.  He contemplates the upcoming events – only two more days until Passover, and then…  His heart is full of pain as He thinks of what He must endure just a few days from now, but He pushes that aside, knowing He must prepare His apostles to teach of what is to come at the end of time.  He tells His apostles, “When I return, I will bring with Me an army of angels.  Right there in that valley, I will sit on the Throne of Heaven and judge all the people of the world from the beginning to the end.  Everyone who has ever lived will be there.  The people will be separated into the sheep, those who have accepted My offer and allowed Me to pay the penalty for all the wrongs that they have done in their lives, and the goats, those who rejected Me and everything I stand for.  The sheep will go to My right, and the goats to My left.  I will say to the sheep, ‘You will now and forevermore be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, a Place I have been creating specifically for each one of you since before the beginning of the world.  There was nothing that you could have done to earn your place there; it was given as a gift and you had but to accept it.  But when you accepted My gift, you also gave great gifts to Me in return, and for that you will be rewarded.”


Matthew 25:31-34


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