3/2/16 Don’t Miss Your Chance To Go To Heaven

Jesus finishes His teaching for the day and decides to spend the night right there on the Mount of Olives.  Early the next morning, He and His apostles return to Jerusalem and go right back to the Temple to resume teaching.  As the crowd gathers to listen, Jesus begins.  “The Kingdom of Heaven is like this:  A man who was about to get married had ten bridesmaids who were to attend him at the wedding.  They each had an oil lamp, but five of them neglected to bring extra oil for their lamps.  The groom was delayed in coming to the bridesmaids, and the bridesmaids began to fall asleep.  When the bridesmaids got word that the groom was finally on his way, those who had neglected to bring extra oil had nothing left to use in their lamps.  They begged their companions to give them some of their oil, but they refused.  ‘Go and buy your own oil,” they said, and so the five of them rushed off in search of oil.  Meanwhile, the groom arrived and the five bridesmaids who were ready went into the feast with him.  The other five bridesmaids came to the door after finding enough oil to refill their lamps and knocked.  But the groom said, ‘Go away, I’m in the middle of my wedding!’  The bridesmaids called, ‘We are your bridesmaids!  We had to go and get oil for our lamps!  Please let us in!’  But the groom said, ‘Go away, I don’t know you,’ and they were denied entry.  In this same way, watch and be ready so that you won’t miss out when I return to you.”


Matthew 25:1-13


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