2/29/16 Signs Of Jesus’ Imminent Return

“And these are the signs that you are to look for before I return.  The sun and moon will be eclipsed, the stars will begin to fall to the earth, and the heavens themselves will shake.  The people here on earth will be terrified by the natural disasters that come upon them, great earthquakes and tsunamis.  When all these things have come to pass, after the days of great trouble that are to come on the earth, My sign will appear in the heavens.  All the people on earth who have not believed in Me will cry out in anguish, and you will all see Me coming down to you on the clouds of the heavens with all the power and glory of God.  I will sound My trumpet, and send out My angels to all the earth to gather My people to Me.  When you see all of these things, be ready, because on that day you will be taken up with Me to live forever in the Kingdom of Heaven.  But do not speculate as to when this will occur, because nobody knows the day or the time of My return – not the angels in Heaven, nor even I!  Only My Father knows.  Because you will not know when I AM returning for you, be ready for Me at all times!  Do not lose hope, and do not forget the lessons I have taught you. Live each day as if it were the day of My return.”
Matthew 24:29-31, 36; Mark 13:24-27, 32-33; Luke 21:25-28


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